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About Hubmed
Who we are

This is not just an educational platform. HubMed Ed is a living community of specialists who, with vision and passion, engage in the field of aesthetic medicine. With a holistic and determined approach, they aim to redefine the future of this industry.

We're a living, independent peer-to-peer community of global and local experts in aesthetic medicine.

Do you want to join a network built on deep knowledge and connect with experts worldwide? We are here for you.

Why Hubmed Ed Was Created

Our vision for Hubmed Ed

In the rapidly evolving world of medical aesthetics, the best insights often come from casual conversations among doctors during conferences. We noticed that not everyone can participate in them.

That's why we created Hubmed Ed - to fill that gap. Whether you're hunting for trustworthy knowledge, mentorship, or eager to grow your network, Hubmed Ed is the right place for you.

Why Hubmed Ed was created?
Vision and Mission

Our values

Real Talk

Honesty and transparency are priorities in every interaction. With anyone.

Together We Grow

We bring driven people together to reap the reward of enhanced individual and collective expertise.

All Voices Matter

It doesn't matter where you're from or who you are—what counts is your knowledge and your willingness to enhance your professional know-how.

Community-Powered Learning

We believe that as a community, we achieve more—and quicker! In the realm of learning, there's no better motivator than the community.

Accessibility for All

Easy and effective tools that make knowledge and connection available to everyone. Globally.

Global Reach, Local Touch

We're international, but we celebrate the unique outlooks from different regions.

What sets Hubmed Ed apart?

Hubmed Ed stands out as your comprehensive resource for peer-to-peer learning in medical aesthetics.

We offer a range of medical aesthetics services, from expert-led courses to live virtual sessions and accessible podcasts. But that's not all—we dive into the unspoken topics rarely covered elsewhere and offer specialized classes on cutting-edge treatments.

What sets Hubmed Ed apart?

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