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Understanding the anatomy of the lips is crucial for achieving natural-looking results. The lips consist of several key structures, including the vermilion border, cupid'sbow, philtrum, and oral commissures. Precise knowledge of these anatomical features allows for tailored treatments such as lip augmentation and contouringto enhance lip shape, volume, and symmetry effectively, while avoiding potential risks


Lip assessment in aesthetic medicineis a nuanced process that goes beyond mere enhancement. Lip shape andprojection depend among other things on underlying bone and tooth structures,as well as jaw projection. When assessing lips, we consider the followingissues:
- Shape: Projection, volume, and contour.
- Proportion: Upper to lower lip ratio in relation to the rest of theface.
- Asymmetry.
- Perioral: Fine lines and dynamic evaluation.

Achieving Balance, Volume, and Natural Lip Enhancement through Techniques

- HA for lip enhancement, restoring volume, and shaping.
- Mesotherapy for lip hydration and moisture, promoting a youthfulappearance.
- Energy devices for reducing fine lines around the lips.
- Combination treatments for comprehensive and natural lip rejuvenation. 

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Dr. Maya Sinai

Dermatologist, USA, Israel

Dr. Maya Sinai is a Dermatologist and Mohs surgeon. Her love of dermatologic surgery and aesthetics started in her studies in medical illustration, where she earned a master’s degree from John Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.

After illustrating a surgical atlas, she continued to medical school, where she graduated from Tel-Aviv University, NY Sackler program. Dr. Sinai finished their dermatology residency at Tel Hashomer (Sheba) Hospital in Ramat-Gan. Afterward, Dr. Sinai completed two Mohs surgery fellowships and worked as a Mohs surgeon in Assuta, Soroka, and Shamir hospitals in Israel and Methodist Hospital in Houston, TX.

For the past 10 years, Dr Sinai has worked in aesthetic, general, and surgical dermatology, offering innovative facial rejuvenation, volume restoration, and anti-aging treatments.

Currently, Dr Sinai is running her practice for aesthetics and surgical dermatology. Dr. Sinai is the 4th generation of proud Dermatologists.

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